The glazes serie „P“ are transparent leadless colourless lustrous frit glazes without the content of lead monoxide (except P 011 91 – 1% of PbO). They are designed for the firing temperatures 980-1150°C, at high-quality body, e.g. , is is possible to burn till 1200°C. They have the high chemical resistance and that is why they are suitable above all for kitchenware, facing materials and as the additional fluxing agent to transparent raw feldspathic glazes for the firing temperatures 1180-1250°C as well. Some of them are suitable for the CTE-treatment, e.g. P 001 91. They are designed for white and in colour burny body with the thermal expansivity coefficient a20-500°C = 52-70 x 10-7 K-1.

At lower firing temperatures or at stout glazing, it can reach the loss of the transparency and the arise of milkiness.

It is possible to engrain the glazes by ceramic pigments to the bright rich shade in using of 5-10% of pigment. They are suitable for the covering of underglaze decoration at higher firing temperatures (min. 1080°C). The recommended glazing techniques: coating, dipping.