Torrecid Group is committed to strengthen its relationship with customers in order to understand the best ways of collaboration and to succeed in projects of mutual interest and benefit. Customer Service represents one of the basic functions of Torrecid Group to aid customer development. By means of a highly professional team and close co-operation with our customers, Torrecid Group provides the technological support and Technical Assistance required for technology transfer and contributes in this way to the ongoing improvement of its customer's products and processes.


One of the most important demands of today's market is to offer products developed in a wide range of aesthetic and technical options. Development service provide a customized response to this challenge with constant and continous renewal of designs and effects.


We offer our technology and experience that enables new and exclusive designs with higher definition details, colours and decorations, and an endless range of artistic options to create trendsetting pieces. We create future trends for the today's market.


We work in close contact with customers providing the best solutions and the most dedicated technical assistance. The aim is to jointly develop products from design to industrial production. This comprehensive service is tailored to each customer to provide them with the right solutions for their market.


We are in constant evolution and innovation of solutions to expand the usage of ceramic tiles in non conventional places. We offer our innovations to our customers to add value and create new commercial opportunities. We love ceramics as the most complete solution to cover surfaces.


As leader in Digital Printing Technology in the Ceramic and Glass Industries we are commited since the beggining to provide the best and most comprehensive service to our worldwide customers.