• 2015
    We have new websites.
  • 2014
    We opened our showroom in Glazura.
  • 2010
    As a member of Torrecid Group, Glazura s.r.o. established representative office in Russia.
  • 2003
    Glazura s.r.o. became a part of Torrecid group. Entering into the group represents beginning of totally new and radical period of Glazura. Thanks to the background of succesfull international group and its business strategy, Glazura became a leader in Middle and Eastern European markets.
  • 1991
    Due to the social changes in 1989, Glazura became a part of Rako a.s., owned by German company Deutsche Steinzeug.
  • 1958
    After the difficult period of nationalization of the company and restructure of the production, the company in Roudnice nad Labem, is given a new name - Glazura s.p. (state public enterprise). The seclusion of the plant in the East block affected its by the loss of the contacts with the ever more advancing Western Europe. The seller's market has been concentrated on inland for the most part.
  • 1939
    The owner of the company became German concern Degussa. The following war years entailed for the firm the reduction of the production and cessation of its development however.
  • 1925
    In this year, it has been found by primary owner Evžen Frölich the company EFCO, which was centred on the production on frits, engobes, glazes, ceramic pigments and colours, enamels, precious metals preparations and lustre colours. The company offers the ceramic bodies and raw-materials also. Due to its comprehensive offer, the firm postured a notable position in the European market. Of this history reminds the current Glazura registered trademark.



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