The glazes serie „Dw“ are reliable white frit glazes with the content of lead monoxide of 10-50%. They are turbid by stannic oxide, that serves the glazes according to the content with medium till high covering power. The exception is the glaze Dw 106 91 turbid by zircon silicate.

With regard to considerable content of lead, they aro not recommended for the production of kitchenware. They are designed for the firing temperatures of 940-1000°C, in artistic production they are burnt at higher temperatures of 1100-1200°C (e.g. Dw 153 91), in that case they react with coloured bodiy and create colour effect. It is necessary to apply in this case significantly thinner layer of the glaze, so that it does no reach the run of the glaze. They are suitable for white and in colour burny body with higher coefficient of thermal expansivity CTE a20-500°C > 70.10-7K-1. On shorter body mass it can reach the crackle, at high firing over 1100°C they do not crackle as a rule on shorter mass no even.

It is possible to engrain the glazes with ceramic pigments to the body-colour, according to the demanded intensity it is chosen the pigment additive 0.5-8%. They are applicable all glazing techniques.>