Glazes of R and Rm series are raw or semiraw (Frit content 10 – 30%) Hi Fire Glazes, leadless, colourless or coloured with ceramic stains or metal oxides, transparent or opaque, mat tor glossy. Their firing limits are 1100 – 1200 °C (semiraw) and 1240 – 1300 °C (raw).

These glazes show very good chemical and mechanical resistence and they are suitable for dinnerware, pottery or stoneware floor tiles. Transparent glazes are suitable for the overglazing of underglaze colours. The glazes are not suitable for very fast firing. They can be used for porcelain stoneware, cordieritte and chamotte bodies too. They can be fired single or double. In spite of their high CTE they do not craze if you fire the right temperature. Glazes P 001 91 or P 016 91 (10-30%) can be used for reduction or increasing of CTE.

Recommended glazing techniques: dipping, spraying.