Glazes of Pw – series are white leadless glossy glazes based on frits. The zirconium silicate as an opacifier is molten in the frit, the glazes show high covering properties and chemical resistance. They are used for the production of dinnerware, tiles or as an additional flux in the semi-raw stoneware glazes for the temperatures 1150 – 1250°C, for example for the sanitary ceramics. They are suitable as majolica glazes and for the further decoration with onglaze colours, decals, gold and platinum preparations and lustres.

They have a low thermal expansion, and therefore a low tendency to craze. They are suitable for white as well as coloured bodies CTE alfa (20-500°C) = 55-75 x 10-7 (K-1). Using the body with higher or lower CTE they can craze (crackle) or shiver (flake off).

The glazes can be coloured to pastel shades with ceramic stains by addition of 0,5 – 8% of stain, they can be mixed with leadless coloured glazes of Pd series. The glazes of G series and Gmu series can be applied upon them in order to create a run-down effect.