Glazes Pd – series are semiopaque or opaque glossy coloured glazes based on frits and ceramic stains or metal oxides. They contain no lead, antimony, arsenic oxides or any other toxic substances. They are suitable for glazing of dinnerware (food safe) or tiles. Recommended firing limits are 1000 – 1100 °C (stability of the colour shades is to be assured), if needed the upper limit can rise to 1150 °C (the intensity may be lost especially at pink, brown and yellow shades). All types of clay bodies with CTE alfa > 60 x 10-7 (K-1) and various colours can be used; on clay bodies with lower expansion crazing will occur.

In order to reach any special colour shades the mixing of basic glazes are possible, by mixing with white glazes Pw – series you get lighter shades. The fired glazes can be further decorated with onglaze colours, decals, gold, platinum and lustres. Glazing techniques: dipping, spraying.