Glazes of G-transparent series are transparent up to opaque glazes, based on frits, with the lead oxide content of 15-60%. Recommended firing temperatures are 940-1000°C, some of them with lower lead content can be fired up to 1040°C.

The are suitable especially for white and colored bodies with high CTE a> 70·10-7K-1, on body with lower CTE < 65·10-7K-1 can srongly crack. Its possible to applicate to a raw lead-free glaze by painting or spraying.In case of an intensive glazing, these glazes can be applied by flow down method (firing above 1000 ° C). Glazes are colored with metal oxides (in case of transparent glazes) or ceramic pigments (semi-transparent and/or opaque glazes). When applying transparent glazes (such as cobalt blue, green and brown) on colored body, it is important to keep in mind that the color of the body is affecting the color of the fired glaze significantly. For that reason, we recommend to perform the test in advance. They are suitable for all glazing applications. Due to the considerable lead content, these glazes can not be recommended for the production of utility ceramics, even their chemical resistance is sufficiently high.