Glazes of DW – series are white glossy glazes based on frits with the lead oxide content of 10-50%. The tin oxide is used as an opacifier, which gives to the glazes covering properties of middle up to high grades depending on its contend. DW 106 91 is an exection because of using zirkonium silicate as an opacifier.

Due to high lead contend , the glazes are not to be recommended for the production of dinnerware. They are to be fired up to 940-1000°C, on the artistic object they can be fired hotter at temperatures of 1100-1200°C (for example Dw 153 91); in such case you may obtain an interesting effect by the reaction with colored body. A thinner coat of the glazé is required in order to avoid the glaze running down.

The glazes are suitable for white as well as colored clay bodies with higher CTE a20-500 °C > 70·10-7K-1. Using a body with a lower CTE they can craze. After firing at more then 1100°C they do not craze even on bodies with lower CTE.