Grinding media

The high density alumina grinding media Eralox has a compact microstructure and homogeneous chemical and physic al features along the whole cross section, are guarantee of high reliability and wear resistance, in every kind of employ condition.

Eralox represents the solution to opitmize the grinding process and obtain an important cost reduction.

It can be employed in the grinding of:

  • Glass
  • Raw Materials & Minerals
  • Ceramic Body & Glazes

Beside this, it finds applications in other kind of environments, like metallurgy or chemistry.

Torrecid group offers the following products:

  • Sintered alumina grinding media, specific to each type of milling process
  • Sintered alumina linings, available in various thicknesses
  • Products with high density, high specific surface and high specific heat. Suitable for use as heat exchangers in the metal industry or as catalytic surfaces in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry