Additives and mediums

The decoration of ceramics requires inorganic powders which must be dispersed in a liquid and fixed to the item to be decorated. A wide range of organic binders, chemically very different between them, commonly called vehicles”, are available for this very purpose.
The technique with which the decoration is to be applied (spray, silkscreen, decalcomania, ect.) and the working conditions (temperature, the distance between machines, the type of item the decoration it is to be applied to, etc.) and the specific characteristics of the vehicle (solubility, rheology, combustion temperature, ect) determine the choice of the vehicle which is most suited obtaining the desired results.
As for ceramic additives, they are chemical compositions of differing natures, which are used for decoration, as well as the correction and resolution of technical problems during production, or to modify certain characteristics of the materials and finished products.
Torrecid Group offers a wide choice of vehicles and additives.