The glazes serie „R“ and „Rm“ are raw or semi-raw (frit content 10-30%) high-melting glazes without content of lead monoxide, colourless or coloured, engrained by metal oxides or ceramic pigments. They are transparent till opaque, lustrous or matt. The firing temperatures move by semi-raw glazes about 1120-122°C, by raw glazes about 1200-1300°C.
The glazes are hight chemically and mechanically resistant and they are suitable for the production of kitchenware, pottery, eventually of consistent facing materials above all. The transparent glazes are suitable for the application to underglaze decoration also. It is possible to use them aas well to the mass type of porcelain earthenware, cordierite, fireclay, etc. They are suitable for single- and double firing technique. At observance of necessary firing temperature, they do not crackle as a rule, although they have relatively high thermal expansivity coefficient. To its decrease or to the decrease of firing temperature, they are appropriate as the additional glazes the glazes P 001 91 or P 016 91 in the quantity of 10-30%.
The recommended glazing techniques: coating, spraying, dipping.