The glazes serie „Pw“ are reliable white frit glazes without the content of lead. They are turbid by zirconium silicate sealed in the frit, they have high covering power, good lustre and considerable chemical resistance. They are designed for the production of kitchenware, tiles or like the additional melting agent to semi-raw high-melting glazes for the temperatures of 1150-1250°C, e.g. for sanitary ceramics. They are suitable as basic glazes for majolica and for subsequent decoration with colours, transfers, preparations of gold, platinum and lustre colours.
They have low thermal expansivity and such a small inclination to crakcle. They are suitable for white and in colour burny body with the thermal expansivity coefficient CTE a20-500°C = 55-75 x 10-7 K-1. On shorter mass they can reach the crackles, on longer body the glaze can desquamate.

It is possible to engrain this glazes by ceramic pigments to body-colours. According to the required intensity, it is choose the addition of pigment 0.5-8%. They are miscible without restraint with coloured leadless glazes serie „Pd“. It is possible to aplly at them the flowing lead glazes serie „G“. The recommended glazing techniques: coating, dipping.