The glazes serie „Pm“ are mat coloured frit opaque glazes without the content of lead (the exceptions are mentioned in % by pertinent glazes), designed for the firing temperatures of 960-1020°C. In this temperature limit they show after the firing a noble mat surface, due to crystallization of wollastonite from molten glass super-saturated by calcium oxide. The mate is not so stable as with zinc glazes and at the firing between 1020-1100°C it is formed semi-mat till lustrous surface.

The glazes does not contain lead, antimony, selenium, cadmium, arsenic not even other deleterious substances (except Pm 965 91 – Sb, Pb and mentioned exceptions) and they are suitable for the production of kitchenware and tiles. They are engrained by stable ceramic pigments, in them the metals are firm bound and it is not the danger of of theirs release from birned glaze. They are suitable for the using at white and in color burny body with the linear thermal expansivity coefficient a > 65. 10-7 K-1, on shorter body mass it can reach the crackle. The recommended glazing techniques: coating, spraying, dipping.