The glazes serie „Pd“ are coloured lustrous semi-opaque till opaque frit glazes, engrained by ceramic pigments and metal oxides. They do not contain lead, antimony, arsenic and other dangerous substances. They are designed for the the production of kitchenware. The recommended range of the firing temperatures, when it is warranted the colour stability, is 1000-1100°C, it is possible to burn till the temperature 1150°C however, whereas it decreases the colouring intensity especially by pink, brown and yellow shades. It is possible to use them on white and coloured burny body with the thermal expansivity coefficient TEC a20-500°C > 60 x 10-7K-1, on shorter mass it is the danger of the creation of glazes crackles.

The glazes are miscible without restraint. By the addition of white zirconium glazes serie „Pw“ it is possible to reach the fine body-colours. The glazing techniques: coating, dipping, spraying. The fired on glazes are suitable ground for the application of overglaze colours, transfers, preparation of gold, platinum and lustres.